For finding the most relevant content to you, we work with two types of methods. The Network filtering -obviously- using different network algorithms to find the right content for you, and posting it to your LInKE feed. The other method is to stop the Content Kraken is  our, unique interpretation of filtering algorithm, what we mention among us just the “LInKE formula”. This is the most we can say about this, otherwise we have to kill you. Let just be enough, that you get the content, what makes your head jerk up. 🙂

It’s a legitimate question, why are we seperated these two, when it’s basically do the same? Don’t worry, with the “mixed” button you can easily interleave the results of the two filtering, and get the most clear picture of your interests from the internet.

Last week, you read a good article, found on LInKE, and now you want to show it to your mom? You searched half of the universe for it, but no luck? You just only have to push the “History” button, where you can find the last 1000 posts what you clicked, liked or seen. Cool, huh? No such thing on Facebook neither.

Suppose, that you want to make a nice dessert for the sunday family dinner. You remember, in the spring, or in the beginning of the summer Jane Doe, your neighbour, shared an outstanding bread and poppyseed pudding recipe, you even gave it a like, but forgot to send it to the bookmarks. With the panic mode on, you start searching Jane’s Newsfeed for the ominous entry, but you give up after 10 minutes of puppy-pussycat and quotehoroscope posts… Swearing in yourself: “I wish, there would be an other way…” Then comes the recognition: “Oops! In LInKE under the “My like” function I can easily search back for Gordon Ramsey’s nulcalorie bread and poppyseed pudding recipe, because the system has all my previous Facebook likes”.

The long and the short of it, LInKE is a useful application, what makes your life easier.

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